All You Need To Know About Prize Draws

The aim of Prize Draws is simply to use giveaways as a vehicle for promoting products and websites. It's free for you to use but in return all we ask is that you find out about the sponsors and/or use social media to let others know. You may receive one or two emails during the course of a prize draw but that's all there really is to it.

Terms And Conditions

Our Prize Draws are open to UK residents. Access to the site is currently only open to Twitter and Facebook registered users. We will expand on these options in due course as we realise not everyone wants to be part of these services. Please also see our Privacy Policy.

Unless stated it's one entry per person per draw. To enter you will need to login and leave some details and/or answer a question. You may be offered the choice of picking up additional entries by making a single tweet or Facebook post. At the end of the draw a winner will be chosen at random and notified.

We hate spam as much as everyone and our aim with Prize Draws is to limit the number of emails you receive. However, we do need to send something out to communicate with you and also to keep the site running. This doesn't mean we will be selling leads or your emails to dodgy people. You can of course unsubscribe at any time.

Prizes are to be fulfilled by Loquax Ltd unless otherwise stated. If the prize described is not available then we will offer an alternative. In addition an Amazon voucher alternative may be used. We want our winners to be happy so we're usually quite flexible in dishing out goodies - but don't expect a Ferrari if we're only offering a Fondue Set worth £25!

Prize Draws are exclusive to this site, which is why there will usually only be half a dozen or so giveaways at a time. We want to make the site simple but fun so we've opted to do a handful of giveaways for some small fun prizes. Of course if it takes off then we may increase the number of prizes and value. Please also see our Privacy Policy.